Evaluation of Work Posture and Repetitive Work of Quality Inspectors by RULA and OCRA

N Nasidin, N Hassan, B. M. Deros, D. D. I Daruis, Mohd Shamsuri Khalid


This study was carried out at a small scale industry specifically at an Inspection Quality Control (IQC) department (IQC 1- blank gear inspection and IQC 2-gear inspection) as their daily activities frequently use upper limb and repetitive movement. This working condition may affect Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs). A self-assessment session found that most of the quality inspectors had complaints concerning their health because of their work activities. Hence, 9 respondents out of 18 respond respectively. To identify the main ergonomic risk factors that may cause harm to employees and determine the likelihood of harm arising from exposure to the ergonomic risk factors among quality inspectors towards their work activities, an ergonomics assessment was carried out on upper limb extremities of workers. An approach consisting of four stages as outlined in the Guideline on Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) at Workplace (2017) has been used in this study: 1) Initiating ERA using proactive approaches by using a Checklist of Self Questionnaires. 2) Pain or discomfort identified, using checklist of initial ERA (level 1) requires an initial ERA. 3) The outcome determines what is needed to carry out advanced ERA (Level 2 due to initial ERA score for awkward posture being 6 and 3 for repetitive work, 4) knowing the score, the level of risk and level action with the RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) method for awkward posture .5) knowing the score, the level of risk and level action with the OCRA checklist method for repetitive work. The higher result of RULA calculation is worth 7 (further investigation and implement changes) and OCRA checklist is 15.29 (medium risk level) indicated that 11.71% predicted workers population to have WMSDs, respectively. Therefore, the work system needs to be improved by recommending the adjustment of the workstation area and work activities to minimise muscle injury to the quality operators.


ergonomics, RULA, ORCA, work posture, repetitive work

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