Bridging The Gap Between Policy Intent And Implementation

Muhammad Abdullahi, Nooraini Othman


The paper is about bridging the gap between policy intent and implementation. The gap is due to the lack of a link between policymakers and implementers and the absence of a clear policy goal. Policy implementation is the subsequent activity after the policy is made; it is the process in which ideas are translated into actions however most of the time attention had never been paid to such an important stage, at the same time as most attention is paid to the policy formulation stage. There are appropriate and nicely-formulated policies but ineffectively carried out, as a result, lead to a wide gap between policy intent and implementation. The study was conducted based on selected reviewed works of literature on policy implementation aim at describing the gap between policy intent and implementation and policy recommendation. The study found out that policymakers and implementers carry out a significant role in implementing policy also the frontline workers provide information to the policymakers at the top and ascertain whether the policy can be applied or not with the available resources. The paper recommends linkage between policymakers and implementers and engagement of the people and community in policy formulation and implementation.


Policy Implementation, Policy Gap, Policy Intent

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